Book Review: PERSONAL SCIENCE by Lillian-Yvonne Bertram

Personal Science  by Lillian-Yvonne Bertram Tupelo Press, 2017 $16.95 Reviewed by Zoe Kovacs Lillian-Yvonne Bertram writes under the premise that all of her writing is essentially a continuation of the same work. As she puts it in an interview with The Rumpus, her work is: “a single life project,” the books are “artifacts that mark points […]

Quantum Poetics

by Gerry LaFemina Atomic Structures If a word is an atom and a line is molecule, then the poem is a compound. Change any item in any given line and you alter, in some way, the molecule/compound. Even if the alteration is minor, such as replacing that article a with the, we change the compound […]

Book Review: AT THE WATERLINE by Brian K. Friesen

At the Waterline by Brian K. Friesen Ooligan Press, 2017 $16.95 Reviewed by Bryce Johle Inspired by his firsthand experiences while working on the Columbia River, Brian K. Friesen’s debut novel, At the Waterline, is a reflective, multi-faceted story. The book follows Chad, a man with a penchant for the water, through his mission to find himself […]

The Mouth of the Poem

by Gerry LaFemina Often, we’ll talk about the ear of a poem—its aurality, how the poem sounds. We talk about alliteration and rhyme and the elusive “flow” of the poem and figure out that poems are about how they sound in our ear as listeners. And why not? We go to poetry readings, sit in […]

Book Review: I DON’T THINK OF YOU (UNTIL I DO) by Tatiana Ryckman

I Don’t Think of You (Until I Do) by Tatiana Ryckman  Future Tense Books, 2017 $12.00 Reviewed by Kelly Dasta I Don’t Think of You (Until I Do) by Tatiana Ryckman is a poetic novella about love, heartbreak, and distance. Over a short but powerful 110 pages, Ryckman details a gender ambiguous narrator’s struggles in a […]

Book Review: ALL THE NEWS I NEED by Joan Frank

All the News I Need by Joan Frank UMass Press, 2017 $19.95 Reviewed by Casey Reiland The fear of aging is a common concern; our society stresses over it and the media highlights it as a negative process. Finding wrinkles and gray hair is a disastrous discovery, and there is always the worry of becoming too static. […]